NuNu Wako is an internationally recognized broadcast journalist, independent filmmaker, Spokesmodel, and health advocate. Ethiopian-born and American-raised, NuNu Wako jump started her broadcasting career in 2006 as one of the founders of a website based television show –Africa in Demand to bring African issues to the forefront and joined the team at EBS in early 2008 and KaliTV in 2014. With a background in international relations, communications and broadcast journalism, NuNu Wako is able to steadily and respectfully build her broadcasting career as a trusted source discussing range of topics linking our global community. Having traveled to various African nations, interviewed Ambassadors, globally renowned philanthropists, pioneers and leaders of multi-continental corporations with business, investments and development efforts in Africa, NuNu Wako brings a more personalized form of interviewing skills to the show in an educational format.
NuNu Wako has and continues to appear on various conferences and seminars around the nation with a focus on Africa and African women in media. She has appeared as a panelist on being women in media for the first Annual Women in Media Seminar & Award Ceremony Luncheon for one of the longest standing and largest organization the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee amongst an array of other organizations addressing the importance of positive image of African women in media. One of NuNu Wako's main goals is to advocate ending Podoconiosis in our lifetime. Podoconiosis is an entirely preventable, noncommunicable, geochemical disease caused by exposure of bare feet to irritant clay soils. It is found across tropical Africa, Central America, and North India where such soils coexist with high altitude, high rainfall, and low income. NuNu Wako’s philanthropic efforts have and continue to bring awareness to Podoconiosis.

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